Promoted Emails
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Email that works for you

Drive ticket sales, streams, and merch sales in minutes with beautiful emails targeted to engaged followers and fans of similar artists in specific locations.

Cut through the noise

Promoted Emails keep your full message front and center in fans’ inboxes rather than buried in social feeds, helping you create awareness and drive awareness and sales for events.

Reach the right fans

Tailor your targeting to reach fans of specific artists in relevant cities, states, and countries amongst 85+ million of the world’s most passionate music fans.

Plug & play, drag & drop

Craft emails fans want to open in just minutes using plug-and-play templates and drag-and-drop smart blocks to seamlessly integrate your event listings, music, and merch.

Measure your success

Monitor campaign analytics from your Ad Manager dashboard and gain insights to optimize campaigns more and more over time.

Step 01: Choose a template

Start from scratch, or choose from our expertly designed templates specifically designed for single events, tours, multiple events, festivals or more.

You can edit and customize the design later with the drag-and-drop builder.

Step 02: Add your event details

Name your campaign, add performing artists, location and date, and set the date and time for the emails to be sent.

Step 03: Set your budget and target audience

Broaden or narrow the radius around your event you'd like to target, and define a few similar artists whose fans you'd like to target. Geotargeting will default to a 60-mile radius of the location of your event, but for larger events like festivals, targeting the entire state or country may make more sense.

The 'Emails to Send' shows how many emails can be sent based on those targeting criteria and your specified budget, while the 'Max' number shows how many emails could potentially be sent with unlimited budget.

You can expand or reduce the radius or add more locations with the + button next to "Add Audience"

Step 04. Customize your email

The left-hand navigation panel includes tabs to customize every aspect of the appearance and content of your email.

Appearance tab: Customize the background color or image of your email as well as the font, text size, alignment and color, line spacing, link color, and button design for each section. Adjust how your email displays on mobile devices in the Mobile Formatting section.

Content tab: Customize the layout of your email with preset structures which can be populated by dragging and dropping blocks for images or videos, text, buttons, ticket links, social links, spacers, HTML code and more. Smart blocks auto-populate your content like event listings as well as merch, music, and more.

Undo or redo actions using the arrows in the upper-right hand corner.

Step 05. Review and send

Review your campaign details including budget, targeting and scheduled send time as well as add any promotional credits you may have. You can also save the campaign to work with later.

Once your order is submitted, you'll receive a proof via email to approve before the campaign is sent out.

Step 06. Manage your campaigns

Easily view all of your drafted, scheduled, and sent email campaigns from the Campaigns tab.

View, edit, duplicate, delete, and/or view insights for each campaign.

Step 07. Measure your success

Click the three dots next to any campaign and choose Insights to view insights and analytics from each campaign. Insights can help you better understand what resonates with your audience to help you optimize future campaigns.

Ready to get started?

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