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What is the difference between Total and Verified Email Opens?
What is the difference between Total and Verified Email Opens?
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Understanding Open Rates and Apple's Mail Privacy Protection (MPP)

In your Bandsintown Promoter dashboard, Email Opens provides insights into the number and proportion of delivered emails recipients have opened. These are important metrics for understanding engagement, but it's crucial to be aware that Apple's Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) system can influence these numbers.

How Does Apple's Mail Privacy Protection Affect Open Rates?

Apple's MPP is designed to enhance user privacy by concealing how recipients interact with the emails they receive. Apple devices automatically pre-screen emails in the background before the recipient actually views them (or doesn’t), resulting in an inflated number of opens. While this is a positive step for privacy, it introduces a challenge for all email marketing platforms in providing accurate analytics about email engagement.

Introducing Verified Opens for More Accurate Insights

To ensure transparency and help you make informed decisions about your email marketing strategy in light of Apple’s MPP, Bandsintown has developed a unique algorithm which utilizes data about user behaviors and their devices to calculate an open rate, called Verified Opens, that likely better reflects the number of individual users who opened an email. You can toggle between viewing Verified Opens and Total Opens.

What's the difference between Total and Verified Email Opens?

Verified Opens offers a clearer picture of engagement by accounting for potentially inflated numbers caused by Apple’s MPP. This adjusted metric helps mitigate the new challenges these privacy measures pose to marketers in providing reliable and actionable insights while respecting the privacy of fans.

Why Use Verified Opens?

By understanding the nuances of open rates and the influence of Apple's MPP, you can make more informed decisions around optimizing your email marketing strategy on Bandsintown.

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